If you’re planning to sell your South Okanagan home in the near future, you’re likely planning to list it in the springtime, when the real estate market heats up. But selling during the peak real estate season isn’t always necessary – if you’re eager to sell your home during the off-peak season, it can be done. Here are just a few ways that you can benefit from selling your home during the off-peak season.



Why is the Off-Peak Season a Good Time to Sell?

The off-peak season – which in Canada is typically from November to March – can be a great time to sell your home if you know how to position it properly. During the off-peak season, there’s a lot less competition from other sellers, as most sellers tend to think that they have to wait until the on-season to list. That means you’ll be in a better position to sell quickly and get your asking price, as buyers have fewer options.


The off-peak season can also save you time when it comes to home showings. While lots of people will look at homes during the on-season, the off-season typically brings out only serious buyers who are ready to make a commitment.


What Are Off-Peak Buyers Looking For?

Off-peak buyers typically share a few common traits. They’ve usually deliberately chosen to skip the summer months in order to try to find a better deal. But with the end of the year approaching, these buyers are likely becoming more desperate to close a deal in order to realize the many tax benefits that come with buying a home. Deferring the purchase until the spring would mean they’d have to wait an entire year before they see any tax advantages. These buyers also tend to have certain constraints like changes in work situations that are forcing them to buy during the winter. You can make your home more appealing by offering shorter closings.


How to Make Sure Your Home Sells Fast

The off season can be a great time to sell your home if you know what you’re doing. Off-season buyers will typically have more constrained schedules – with the holidays coming, they’re likely going to be traveling or spending time with family – so you’ll need to be flexible with showing times. Buyers will also be fewer and farther between compared to spring, so you’ll want to invest time and effort into marketing your home properly.



Selling during the off season can be easy with an experienced real estate agent. Here at Chamberlain Property Group, we have the marketing expertise to sell your home for a great price, no matter the time of year. Call us today at (778) 476-7778 to learn more.

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