When it comes time to sell your home, the date you list it can impact both how quickly your home sells and how much money it sells for. Properties that languish on the market for months will typically sell for far less than asking price, which is why you’ll want to time your listing to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

Winter and summer buyers are looking for very different things in real estate, so keep these key differences in mind when deciding what time of year you want to list your home.

Luxury Buyers Look in Winter; Families Look in Summer

If you’re selling a small starter or a large family home, you’ll generally want to list your property in the spring. Homes tend to show better in the spring and summer, which means you’ll have an easier time enticing a buyer. Families are also more eager to buy during the summer – the kids are out of school, the tax refund hasn’t been spent yet, and it’s just about time for that annual vacation, so moving is easier.

For luxury properties, you’ll want to list in the autumn to sell in the winter. Luxury buyers travel during the summer, making winter a more convenient time to buy for them.

Summer is Ideal for Vacation Properties

If you’re trying to sell a vacation property – a cabin, for instance – you’ll most definitely want to list in the spring and show in the summer. Vacation properties always show best during the spring and summer months, as it’s easy for buyers to take in the surroundings and experience what actually owning the property would feel like. Vacation properties also tend to have outdoor amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and fire pits, which don’t show well during the winter. List your vacation property in the spring to ensure showings go smoothly.

Looking for a Fast Sale? List in the Winter

Ultimately, the time of year you should sell in will depend on what your objectives are as a seller. If you’re trying to get the best price, you’ll want to list in the spring – but if you need to sell quickly, listing in the winter may be ideal. The only people buying in the winter are serious buyers who are looking for a property as soon as possible – so selling in the winter plays right into their objectives. A winter sale typically means a faster closing, so list in the winter if you’re in a rush.

An experienced real estate agent can help you to determine whether you should list in the summer or the winter. Call Kirk Chamberlain and Associates at (778) 476-7778 to set up a consultation and learn more.

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