On April 1, 2013 the 12% HST was replaced by the 5% GST, but if you were looking for the old HST information it's avaiable here.

Effective April 1, 2012 the B.C. new housing HST rebate threshold was increased from $525,000 to $850,000 meaning newly built homes will now be eligible for a provincial HST rebate of up to $42,500.

For newly built homes where construction begins before April 1, 2013 but ownership and possession occur after, purchasers will not pay the 7% provincial portion of the HST. Instead, they will pay a temporary transitional provincial tax up to 2% on the full house price. This 2% represents the average amount of embedded sales tax on newly built homes under PST or after HST rebate.

For newly built homes where construction begins on or after April 1, 2013 B.C.'s portion of HST will no longer apply; builders will once again pay 7% PST on building materials. On average, about 2% of the homes final sales price will again be embedded PST.

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