"One can not stop the passing of time but some times you wish you could. When you wake up and discover you can no longer 'properly' look affter your beloved home it is a devastating realization. First you deny, then you fight reality, then you cry 'Where do we go from here?'

Fortunately someone heard that cry and we crossed paths with Kirk Chamberlain. He was faced with the job of selling our home and trying to half way please us with a more suitable one for this stage in our life. It was not an easy task. We arrived at a suitable price for this marketwith very little negotiating room and gave him a list of wants, likes and must haves that left him very few options for a new home. He handled both very well. He observed our tastes and listened to our needs. We never at any time felt pushed or swayed and he dealt with all the unforeseen problems with an ease that we some time lacked. He definitely worked hard at the task and often went above and beyon the call of duty. We would not hesitate to recommend him as your first choice of Realtor."


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